Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Weekend

Friday: Andy went golfing in the afternoon with his dad & then went to our nephew's b-day party (it was all N of the Cities and since he works up there he was already halfway there, where I would have to drive a long time in freaking rush hour to get there - so I didn't go.) Anyways, I went out with Carrie. We went to Weber's Bar (never been in there before) and then we went to see 40-Year Old Virgin. Freaking Hilarious Movie! Then back to her place where her, Kyle & I sat & drank and chit-chatted.

Saturday: Late start to our day, but we had a good time. We went to the Cannon River Winery. It opened just about a year ago. Beautiful place. So, we drank some wine there and they also sell cheese & crackers there (good idea!) as we bought more wine by the glass. The cheese was sheep's milk cheese and was very soft as they flavored it garlic & herb. Very tasty. We tried walking around their town, but apparently we were an hour late, everything seems to close between 4-5. Oh well. Then we came home and ate dinner & drank some of the sparking wine I bought in Colorado. Watched the Spade-a-thon (or whatever they called it on Comedy Central) and watched "Joe Dirt" and "Tommy Boy". Then I ran to Mc D's (see previous post) and rented "Cursed" It was an ok movie. Best that it was free, would have been fine to rent for a dollar too, but would have hated if I paid movie ticket prices to see it.

Sunday: We went to April & Jason's house. Met up with Molly there.We took their boat out to Lake Washinton and spent all afternoon there. Docked at a lake bar/restaurant and had some appetizers and then was back on the lake. It was the PERFECT day to be out on the lake boating. Got some nice color today. Then back to their house for dinner. I made dessert. It was these Dark Chocolate Raspberry Squares. Very good. Now, we're back home and watching CNN and can't believe that we haven't heard about the hurricane that is going to wipe out New Orleans in about 7 hours. Yikes. That's scary. Make me glad we're in the Midwest.

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