Saturday, August 20, 2005

Less than 2 Movie Tickets

I was thinking about suggesting going to the movies last night, but after running to the mini-mart to pick up a paper I decided against it and for less than the price of 2 movie tickets I decided to buy Marinated Tri-Tip (finally!) and pick up a vide from Redbox @ McD's.

We've been living in this town for 4 years and have continously heard people rave about the Tri-Tip Steaks. I guess I didn't think they could be that good so that is why I never went & bought any. They were nice & think (just the way I like my steaks) and marinated perfectly. I grilled the Tri-Tip with 4 ears of corn and it was all EXCELLENT! Andy went & picked up Lemony Snicket's from redbox and we were good to go. And for $10.55 we ate steak & corn and watched a movie. Certainly costs that 2 movie tickets (& we would probably have bought pop & popcorn too since we would not have eaten dinner.)

The steak was so great. See - it's from this butcher in town. But this guy does not sell from his shop, you can only buy his stuff at this mini-mart in town. He does other stuff (obviously) besides the Tri-Tip. They had some bacon-wrapped seasoned pork steaks that I think I might like to try next.

Lemony Snicket's was an interesting movie. I wanted to punch Count Olaf. Leave the kids alone!

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