Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fast Growing Bushes

So, we were talking about planting some bushes on the South side of our house next spring. We want to plant stuff in front of the 3-season porch and deck in the back of the house. The house could use some more shade and privacy, so we are thinking either a short tree or tall bush. And ideally fast growing would be nice. We have a couple bushes in the front of the house by the garage that grow nice & tall & fast (we have to trim several times a year).

Here are some options (I've included the growth rate and expected mature height):

Arrowwood Viburnum (my MIL has one of these in her back yard and she says it grows really fast, but she is annoyed that it was planted too close to the house because it hits the house eery time it is windy. (fast growth, 6-15 feet)

Lilac Bush (not too fast of growth, a medium. We already have 2 purple lilacs in the backyard and 2 white lilacs -- of a different variety -- in the front yard, and another one in the front that I can't remember what it is; I think white) (medium growth, 8-15 feet)

Elderberry (Fast growth rate, 8-12 feet)

Privet - Amur North River(I think this is what we have in the front yard by the garage next to the white lilac) (fast growth, 12-15 feet)

Indigo Bush - False Indigo (medium growth rate, 6-20 feet)

Looks like everything I picked out have blossoms, which is good 'cuz I like flowers. I definitly want something that grows 8-12 feet. I haven't decided if I would want something that we already have. Since we want to plant them across the back, we would have several of the same kind. And it might look cool to have a bunch of lilacs since there are already 2 in the backyard, or it might be too much.

The planting of these bushes and the tree in the front yard will probably be it for landscaping we do next year. I say we, but really I mean me. The flowerbed I planted earlier this summer is looking nice (now that I filled in a bit more and weeded it.) I will have to take a picture and post it.

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