Sunday, August 14, 2005

Vacation Days

Tuesday - Sunday were vacation days for me. I left very early on Tuesday on Sun Country Airlines and flew to Denver to visit with Jeni. We stopped at her bar, 15th Street Tavern (check out the link, they are on Stuff Magazine list of 20-Best Dive Bars), then back to her place, and packed to go camping. We went camping at Lake McCounaughy in Ogallala, Nebraska. I will have to post a picture, because this lake is unbelieveable. It's huge, but what is amazing is that the beach is very nice and white sands. When we got there on Tuesday evening it was really windy, but we went in anyways. It was fun playing in the waves, almost like you were in the ocean (since it was so windy). What is great about Nebraska State Parks is that it costs $5, yes, that is it. I would like to go back there someday.

Wedneday - We stayed at the lake most of the day. It was a 3-hour drive from Denver. That evening we went to Elitch Lanes to bowl. On Wednesday nights they have $1 games, $1 shoe rental, and $1 beers. It was fun.

Thursday - We went to Hammond's Candy Factory and had a tour, tasted some samples, and bought some candy. FYI - Bath & Body Works will be selling a HUGE pink & white lollipop during the Christmas season that is made by Hammond's. It was a really interesting tour. Then we went to Redstone Meadery. We toured there, had samples, bought wine. This place makes wine out of honey & water. It was really interesting. I have not toured a place that did that, nor did I know they made wine out of honey. There are a ton of wineries in CO, and I would definitly like to go back and visit some more. Then we finally went to Red Rocks Park. This was really pretty. I will have to post some pics. I took pics of some interesting "things" we saw in the rocks (like what you see when you look at clouds.) Finally, we went to dinner at Tommy's Thai. Fantastic Food! And cheap too. Entrees were $6.85 and you get a huge plate.

Friday - Left to go back to Minnesota. I decided to upgrade to first class, which on Sun Country it only costs $75. I figured it was well worth it. You get a real meal and unlimisted beverages of any kind. I had a Bloody Mary before the plane even took off. It was fan-freaking-tastic. Plus, 1st class has their own bathroom, which rocks and your own airline strewardess, plus nice big leather seats. I highly recommend it (did it once before w/ Andy coming back from San Diego and it was great!) That evening we took off for Forestville State Park in Minnesota and met up with Carrie & Kyle there.

Saturday - Still camping (staying 2 nights). I went into a nearby town (Wykoff). They have a B&B there that I might like to stay at, just 'cuz it's interesting. It is called The Historic Wykoff Jail Haus. I did some shopping & food sampling at the Bank Gift Haus. And then went to Magpie Studios. The girl who just opened and owns this studio is only 22-years old. I bought a pottery vase from there. It should look nice with cuttings from my flower gardens. Later that evening we were joined by Kim & Travis. Lots of sitting around the campfire after we went hiking for 2 hours. Later we went hiking to the ampitheatre area to lay on the benches and watch the meteor shower, but unfortunately it was too cloudy and we couldn't see anything.

Sunday - Drove home and were here for the remainder of the day.

Next week is our county fair (largest free fair in Minnesota), so I'll have to write about my favorite fair foods. My friend April & her sister Jenny decided to start a business and have a booth there selling Cool Dogs Sundaes. They are hoping that next year they can get into the state fair to sell them.

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