Sunday, August 21, 2005

Rest of the Weekend

Well, Saturday we went to the Cities to Jessi's parents house, as they were having a welcome back party for Jessi & Alex (back from their month-long volunteer trip to Sri Lanka.)

Here is a pic of Jessi that Alex took. Very cute.

At their party, her dad made these smoked,grilled turkey legs that were 2 pounds a piece. Each one could have fed a family. Everyone was eating their own; I couldn't believe it! Andy & I shared one. And her mom made this rice that had a bunch of spices in it (tumeric made it yellow, and black peppercorns, coconut milk, and many other spices.) It was pretty tasty.

After that we ran some errands and then headed home. We stopped at a couple of lakes on the way home that we had never been to, to see what they were like (Lake Sakatah State Park & Lake Fox.)

Today, we both did a bunch of clean-up stuff around the house and then we went to Peppermill to eat. We had never been there before. Pretty good food. We each had the AYCE Salad & Soup bar and then split a meal of 1-lb. of crab legs. By doing that we ate just enough and didn't have to roll us out.

Tomorrow class start back at the Community College. I teach one class on Monday nights and one on Tuesday nights.

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