Saturday, August 20, 2005

Outlet Mall Updates

Finally - after having a bunch of stores pull out of the outlet mall, we have some new things coming in.

Samsonite is already here (I think they came last month).
We are getting 2 news stores: Haggar, Pac-Sun & Old Navy. The Old Navy outlet is going to be huge. It is taking up was 2 (or 3) stores before. I think the Old Navy outlet will help revitalize the outlet. It will be nice to have Haggar there to get clothes for Andy.

A couple of stores flip-flopped sides (Izod and T's&Sweats and 50 Off).

The stuff that came new last year is: Mustard Seed Primitives (an antique and crafty store), Remember When Scrapbooking & Gifts, Untamed Riders.

There are 2 open spots yet. It will be nice to see them filled in soon.

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