Thursday, August 18, 2005

Services @ Colleges (Part 2)

I did find out a few things that I was looking for before.

The Le Cordon Bleu school emailed me back and said:
You can make reservations at The Minnesota Room by calling 651-286-2400

I also emailed Northwestern chiropractic to find out about their services (I had gotten chiropractic services from them when I was in college - most affordable option I could choose and was good too.) But here is what they emailed me back:
Visit the link below to get information on our clinics. Costs are $30for an hour-long massage and $35 for an acupuncture appt and herbalconsult.
The Burnsville clinic specializes in massage and the Edith Davis clinicis acu and Om.

I found this about the Art Institute International.

You can go to the Aveda Insitute in Mpls and get a lot of services. I have done product & service testing for them & you usually get gift certificates for participating.

Any college that has programs of beauty, automotive, cooking, etc. are good places to get deals on the services. Every December, Riverland offers free pedicures, facials, or manicures to it's staff. It's a nice treat.

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