Monday, March 27, 2006

CLR is Amazing!

I just have to give some praise to CLR. See, we have this old house and even with all the plumbing problems we've had that made it so we had to replace much of the pipes over the years, there are still these really old pipes in places. One of these places goes into our main bathroom on the the second floor. The problem with these old pipes is they are rusted inside and when water runs through them the rust residue settles on our white bathroom sink and white bathtub. How annoying! Until now, I could (at best!) fade the rust residue be using a bleach cleaner on the white stuff, but getting it off the drain in the sink has just note happened. But I used this CLR today on it and it is COMPLETLY off the white in the sink and mostly off the silver drain (still goning to scrub a little more on that.) But I just had to tell you that this stuff is great. Now to go tackle the tub.

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Mean Dr. Lily said...

Ah, that explains why it was so clean. I was wondering what was up. CLR is awesome.