Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yummy Weekend

I thought the weekend was filled with lots of good food; I did a lot of cooking, with the exception of Friday night. Friday night we went to McD's and got Filet'o'Fish sandwiches (I was feeling in the mood for fish, which has not happened at all in 7 months) and sundaes. We also ran to Lowe's and picked out a ceiling fan for our bedroom since the current one went kaput a while back and I want a new light & fan put up before the baby is born. So, now it's bought and hopefully we'll get that put up before April.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, doing dishes, and cooking in preparation for the Fondue (cheese) party we had. It was a good party. Lots of good food. Had 3 other couples over for that and had some fun.

Today I went to the Meditation Center and did a 30-minute sit and then they had Rita Gross there for a Dharma talk in place of the second sitting. That was interesting, gave me stuff to think about. Then went to the co-op for some groceries. Came home and made up some lasagna & apple cake (a recipe I had made when we had the B&B that was liked) for dinner. I usually make 2 small pans, eat one & freeze one. Andy's brother Chris is here to help him work on the project car, so I made one pan with no veggies. Chris isn't exactly fond of the healthy food I keep in the house or how I stick veggies in everything, so in order to not scare him off one final time I decided to make food he would approve of (& picked up some Mt. Dew for him too.)

Next weekend we start our baby classes for 2 full Saturdays. I know Andy would rather not have to spend all day Saturday (getting there at 8:30) doing anything but sleeping in, which his days are numbered for that. Saturday night I'm going to go to Jessi's for a ladies' night and Sunday we are going to service @ HOM and to their Love Feast afterward.


Meow said...

While you had the fondu pot fired up did you do a chocolate one too?

Wow how I love chocolate bananas.

Must stop thinking about chocolate.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Nope - just did cheese. All the stuff I read about doing a fondue party said to stick to once since fondues are pretty heavy.

So, we had a salad course (the other 3 couples each brought a salad: fruit, spinach, & pasta were the salad types) and then the cheese fondue course with 9 different things to dip in it, and finally a dessert course (with an angel food cake topped with warmed mixed fruits & amaretto cream sauce).

I think I might do a chocolate fondue as a dessert for some other dinner party we have. That would be fun.