Sunday, March 05, 2006

Days of Our Lives

After reading about Tim tracking stuff through Tracksys, I decided to do it as well. It's interesting to see how people come across your site and what they seach for theat brings them to it.

Someone was looking up what will happen between Shawn & Mimi, and I thought I do have thoughts on it.

What I think will happen is that Mimi will find out she is pregnant with Shawn's baby. She thought she couldn't have children, but it turns out Lexie was wrong. I can't decide if it would make a better story for her to find out before or after Shawn finds out Claire is his. I could see her keeping it a secret so that she can have her won family with Shawn, but then I can see DOOL re-creating the Claire/Zack storyline and making some complications for Shawn & Mimi's baby where it would need a blood transfusion, and for some reason Shawn won't be able to donate and Mimi will say that Claire is a match. Bonnie will try to say it's because Shawn matched Claire before, but Mimi will finally screw up and spill the beans. Then Shawn will be left to choose which woman/mother he wants to be with: The one he has always loved (Belle) or the one he grew closer to and has a sick child with (Mimi). And to make the storyline even more complicated so that it is not an easy choice for Shawn, Belle will really be pregnant with Phillip's baby.

This is just my prediction, by no means do I have any real idea what will really happen. Guess we'll see.

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