Sunday, March 26, 2006


Not sure if it's like penis-envy or not. But anyways - we needed a new grill. The one we have did the job just fine for 6 1/2 years, but now it was getting to the point that we going to need to invest some money in it to fix it up, which we would not have minded doing, but we just couldn't find the size of grill racks we needed to replace. You can see that our top grill rack had worn through (the stones are on top because Andy as cleaning below, he also thought we would probably need a new burner before the year ends anways.) So, above is the old grill. One of the big things we were looking for in a new grill was that the racks were thick & sturdy, which these are. This new grill is made by Brinkman. The picture to the right is of the new grill from their website; it currently sits in the box in the garage. But my! Isn't it a nice looking is a HUGE MONSTROSITY! We might have to do a little rearranging on the back deck to fit this baby there. It has 6 burners (WOW!), 60,000 BTU, 800+ Sq. In. of cooking space, a side burner (which has a cover so it can be a side table to match the other side), The bottom is all enclosed & everything (hence the doors.) It's pretty impressive. The box says it weighs 211 pounds. That's crazy. Guess we'll be doing a lot of grilling! Glad I bought all that hamburger & steaks. Who's ready for a picnic?

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