Monday, March 13, 2006

Straight River Days?

Straight River Days is our town festival, which lasts a weekend. It is usually the last weekend of June, and events are started to be posted that lead me to believe it will once again be the last weeked in June.

The Women's Club Parade (they sponsor it) is on Friday, June 23rd @ 7pm. There will be a dance in the park following the parade. The White Sidewalls will be playing. If I remember, they are pretty good. There is also food served, a beer tent (well, beer pavilion), some small rides, traditional carnival trinkets for sale.

The other thing annouced is that there will be a street dance at the Muni on Satuday, June 24th. The band is Janie in Wonderland. We went to that street dance w/ same performers last year and had a great time (lots of music from 80's, 90's, & today).

The other things that happen that weekend is: City-wide rummage sales all weekend (the last few years I usually hit around 50-60 sales, it's crazy!), baseball tournament, volleyball tournament, kiddie tractor pulls, Mud Races (these are fun to watch!), & various other events.

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