Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Weekend.

Friday - Folded LOTS of laundry. Andy doesn't believe in folding his own laundry -- just lives out of baskets. So I think I folded about 9 baskets of laundry, 2 of which were mine that I just washed that day. Sad. Did A LOT of cleaning upstairs. Picked up some groceries.

Saturday - Andy worked on the Omni w/ Chris. I baked an apple pie & rhubarb (had rhubarb frozen) coffeecake muffins, cleaned & did laundry (again, although now I am just washing stuff for spring cleaning).

Sunday - Went to th Meditation Center, ran to Menards, Hy-Vee, & Big Lots. Went to a surprise b-day party for David (Happy 34th!). Came home, then left and made multiple trips trying to find a grill to buy; bought a grill (see post below.) Now, waiting for the Sopranos & Big Love (although I think I will just Tivo Big Love, as the other 2 nights I watched it it gave me wild dreams and kept me from getting really good sleep - maybe I'll just watch it tomorrow morning.)

This Coming Week - Not doing a damn thing. It's spring break and the doctor said I am 1 week too far along to fly (Oh, but he tells me he's going to Disney World with his kids - thanks for telling me that fucker! My family doc told me he was gone on vacation this week too, but he's going skiing in Colorado with his family -- that I don't care much about. It was the sun I wanted.) So, what am I going to do on spring break. Probably just clean, cook, watch movies, & read, maybe try to get together for lunch with a couple people, but not much else. I picked up 3 books & 3 movies from the library.

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