Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Out with the Old, In with the New

Friday we went and bought new ceiling fan, since the light fixtue on the old one (shown here with Andy starting to take it down) went kaput. It was ugly -- something from the early 80's. So, it had to go. But it just never made it to the top of our priority list until now.

We wanted a new fan & light fixture installed before the baby came, and we're starting to get down to the wire now.

Here's the new fan. It wasn't too bad of an install. It helps if you read the directions first rather than just look at the pictures. We might have gotten it done a little quicker. But we certainly didn't have the trouble putting this up like we did with the one in the hallway.

Anyways - isn't this one so much prettier?

I like the shape of the blades and the brushed nickel. We were pretty particular about the light fixture. I didn't want anything that bugs could easily crawl into & die. How gross is that to look up and see dead bugs in the light fixture? So, the lights had to either be completly enclosed ot hang down (not up to collect dead bugs - gross!). And with those stupid Asian beetles that come out in the fall (although this year their presence was not has prevalent as in years past), I was not going to provide them with any final resting place.

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