Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, today is my birthday. I have to work, which is always a bummer to work on your birthday. But I get to go to the doctor and listen to my baby girl's heartbeat this afternoon, so that's cool.

Andy gave me my birthday presents. I got the Fit Mama Post-Natal Workout (I asked for this; I have the pre-natal one and like it, although I haven't used it very often to be honest.) If you notice, the DVD is separated into 2 sections of 6; the first section is for you to do by yourself and the second section is for you to do with the baby. I did a bunch of research online abuot the videos marketed out there towards moms and all the feedback was that you either needed short segments to try to get a 10-15 minute workout in, or get a video that allows you to workout with the baby. This has both.

And he bought me the Logitech - mm22 Portable Speakers. It's marketed towards the iPod, but it has 3 different sized holders to put the mp3 player in, so my Rio Carbon fits great. He thought I might like to use it to bring to the hospital so I can listen to my own music there. It can be plugged in or run off batteries, and comes in a nice carrying case, so we can take it with us when we travel. I really like it.

And finally, he got me a "Hot Mama" maternity t-shirt. I was trying to stay away from that stuff, but you know Andy, he's a funny guy. He saw someone at our baby class last weekend wearing one and thought I should have a maternity shirt with something silly on it. He wanted to find one with something really clever on it, like these here, but this is what he found. I can't find a picture of the actual shirt online. Basically it's a dark,bright pink shirt with white writing that says "Hot Mama". I will have to wear it and get a picture taken for the baby blog. Later though.

And tonight, the plan is to go to dinner @ Timberlodge. I signed up part of Timberldoge's b-day club, so I got a $10 coupon emailed to me. We have done this for both of our birthdays for the last few years. Last weekend I got a free blizzard (BOGO) compliments of Dairy Queen for my birthday for signing up for their Blizzard Fan Club. Coupon comes in your email. We both got a pecan cluster blizzard -yummy! I also got a coupon emailed to me from Buca di Beppo for joining their Buca eClub. Their coupon is for a free dessert. Not sure if we'll get to use that one. And finally (actually, there could always be more coming in my email today, who knows, I don't know what I all signed up for.) I got a coupon from Cold Stone Creamery for joining their b-day club. You get a free cone, but it expires 5 days from your birthday and I am not sure that we'll get to one. But we'll see.


Alison said...

Happy birthday!

Meow said...

Happy Birthday 2 U. Happy Birthday 2 U. Happy Birthday Lame Shrill Owl.....Happy Birthday 2 U!

Lame Shrill Owl said...


Lame Shrill Owl said...

I got a lot of nice calls wishing me a Happy Birthday, from my parents, my sister Steph, my brother Al, my mother-in-law, my friend Kate, & my grandma (which totally surprised me because I don't think I've ever gotten a b-day call from her, it was a very nice surprise.)