Thursday, July 15, 2004

Blog Speak

Anyone else find themselves thinking in blog throughout the day? What I mean by that is having a thought about something, but it doesn't stop there. You continue to elaborate on it and explain it to yourself in your mind, as if you were typing your blog.

Right now I am readind the book "Why I'm Like This" by Cynthia Kaplan. It's a bunch of short stories about her life. It's almost like reading a blog the way it is written. She writes it as if she is there telling you the story. It's really kind of neat.

The other books I just got to read are: "Dirty" by Meredith Maran; "She's Come Undone" by Wally Lamb; & "15-minute Yoga" by Godfrey Devereux.

"Dirty" is about America's Teenage Drug Epidemic. They reviewed it in "Psychology Today" and I thought it sounded like something I should read especially since I will be working at the high school soon.

"She's Come Undone" is an Oprah Book Club recommended book. I don't normally read from her book club and I don't normally read fiction. But every once in a while I need a good non-fiction book to read to break things up a bit. I tend to read a lot on the same subjects - psychology, health, diet, & fitness or autobiographical or biographical(hence "Why I'm Like This", "Dirty" & "15-minute Yoga"). This book sounds like it's about this fat kid who becomes a fat adult and then tries to get her life on track. Sounds interesting enough. Sounds like a good book to be in the Oprah Book Club. I've read one other book recommended by the book club and it was pretty good too (although right now I can't remember what it was).

"15-minute Yoga" looks pretty decent. I think it will reiterate things for me and give me a new series of poses to do. I like that half of the book is explaining a lot about theory, method & practice. It also seems like it explains it in a way that I understand and doesn't use a lot of Sanscrit words that I don't know.

Ok - almost time to head up north to Andy's grandma's cabin. I am sure to get a lot of reading in. I am sure that as I read things I will continue to think about them further in blog speak.

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Trudy said...

Ok, you don't care for fiction much. Maybe that's cause you're young yet. Me, I prefer to read some fiction frequently cause I guess it's more colorful than the same old grind of everyday life. I guess that way I get to live vicariously the danger and adventure that sensibility won't permit me to. Just a thought.