Monday, July 05, 2004

My fat cat.

Ok. So, Larry is fat. I hear it from a number of you who come to visit. "Oh my god. He's a fat cat!"

Well, last year we went to the vet to get the animals' shots and they told us that Larry had to lose about 2.5 pounds (which is a lot for cat), Lucy was the perfect size, and Molly had to lose 2 pounds too (although 2 pounds in a medium sized dog is not as much as in a large tom cat).

So, after being told last year that animals that get fat are the fault of their owners (Whose fault is it that we get fat? Can we blame that on someone too? How about our mothers? It's always the mother's fault isn't it?) Anyways - they told me I need to do some portion control and have set eating times for the animals and only feed them at that time (no other times & no other food). Did I do that? Nope.

If there isn't food for them when they are hungry then we get yelled at. And I am not talking about a few barks and meows. I'm talking about constant barking and meows, and even getting attacked while I sleep because their is no cat food in the dish & they want it NOW. I don't think I want to have kids because getting yelled at by my animals is enough.

I have to mention that the vet told us that for Molly (the dog) all we really had to do was get her more exercise and wouldn't have to change her diet too much. So, that I can try to do.

So, today we took them in for their annual shots and what were the results. LARRY IS TOO FAT! There was a new vet assistant there, so I didn't get the lecture like last year. Even though I probably should have because he gained another 2.5 pounds. Now, he has 5 pounds to lose -- that's about 1/3 of his weight. I guess I am going to have to do something now about portion control with him. I am going to just have to be tough and not give in to the cries.

The other animals on the other hand are doing good. Molly lost a pound, so just one more pound to go. She could lose a few more, but at least one more pound needs to be lost. We didn't change her diet at all, just tried to let her out more and run her around with the neighbors dogs.

And Lucy - well, she lost a pound too. I mainly think it's because Larry eats all the food. But she's pretty finnicky. If she doesn't like it (& she grows tired of food quickly) then she just doesn't eat. Her weight is still fine, but if she loses another pound (even another 1/2 pound) then we are going to have to fatten her up.

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Now THAT'S a fat pussy!!