Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Week's Adventures

This week has been pretty event filled.

Monday started out with 3 days of summer program for my junior high kids. Our program is activity based to give them a chance to work on their social skills in the community. Monday was quite adventersome. I went to pick up the van and it didn't start and had to wait a bit to get a different one. Finally, I get to the school and we only have 2 kids -- I do some calling and find out the rest went to the wrong school. We finally get the kids to us and we are on our way. We get to the place we planned on going and it's closed. So, we thought we would try to switch it up and go to a place we were going to go later in the week -- and they are closed too. So, we decide to try the State Park nearby, and what do you know -- the sign on the office says CLOSED. We do find someone and they let us pay for our permit and rent some canoes.

Now - let's put a bunch of ADHD boys in canoes and see how that goes. Actually, it went better than anticipated. They really had to work together to get through this rooty cattail part. But once they got out to the lake it was a lot of smack talk and then what do you know - one canoe goes over - of course it was the one that was talking the most smack. I was laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants. There they are, out there blowing their whistles attached to their life vests (I got them to wear them thankfully even though they thought they would be fine w/o them.) and trying to get back in their waterfilled canoe. A group of our boys in a different canoe decided to play hero and go get them and they came back with the boys & the oars.....NO CANOE!

Ok - back out there after you have your lunch. One group of boys ("the heroes") takes off in their canoe without the other boys, who decide to swim out there. After almost an hour, they finally figure out how to work together and start listening to one another and get the canoes dumped (yes, they tipped the other one too) and get back in.

We heard about the canoe adventure all day Tuesday & Wednesday and I am sure we will never hear the end of it. Their little canoe adventure will probably be the highlight of their summer.

Tuesday we went to the zoo. It was fun, but we could have used more time to see more things.

Wednesday we went to a park and were playing games and they convinced us that we should check out another park. So, we took them there and they are playing on this big rock on the river and what do you know -- they start splashing each other and next thing you know someone falls in and gets all wet. Now, we had planned to go mini-golfing, but these boys just want to be wet. So, I take a few dry boys to their homes to get swim trunks & some pastic bags for the wet boys to sit on. Then we take all the wet boys to their homes to get swimtrunks & dry clothes and we head out to the Aquatic Center. They had a pretty good time and I got some color that day. I think the funniest thing was watching 14 year old boys try to "cruise for chicks".

Thursday was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, & weeding the garden. I had a friend & her son over for lunch and then took a nice nap for the afternoon and then drinks with the neighbor at the end of the driveway.

Friday (yesterday), I did a secret shop at a movie theater. It's actually a shop that I reveal myself at right away because I need admittance and a signature from a manager, so it's not so secret. Then to do some errands @ Wal-Mart & the bank. And I spent some time paying bills....not really so much fun. And then we decided to stay home and watch some bad movie on bad I can't even remember the name of it.

And today -- so far -- gone to the post office, planted a few flowers, washed my car, ran to Autozone to buy some coolant, chatted with the neighbor behind us (found out they bought a bunch of fireworks and want to have a little gathering tomorrow night). I love little gatherings with our neighbors. Now, it's lunchtime.

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