Monday, July 26, 2004


I had typed this long list of cool freebies up and then posted it and bam! gone! Sometimes blogger just irritates me.

Anyways - I found some really cool freebies out there. Usually I see alot fo free samples of stuff, but these are some nice ones. I don't know how to hyperlink on this blog, so you will have to cut & paste.

Freebies on your birthday (mostly restaurants):

Freebies for kids on their birthdays:

Free 2 week pass to Bally's:

Free day pass to Gold's Gym:

Free Watercolor painting:

Free Louis Vuitton Visor (first 3,000 - it's a replica):

Free Fire Alarm (order on August 1st):

Free Sleep CD:

Free 20-page pocketbook w/ up to 80 photos (basically your own picture book):

Free Frozen Blend @ Krispy Kreme:

Free “Up From Zero” DVD (9/11 documentary):

Free Wine Charms:

Free Hi-Lo Cereal:

Ok – guess that is enough. I need to go pick up supper from Green Mill. Getting a pizza tonight. Used a coupon to save $5 too.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Guess this time I got the hyperlink thing to work.

Mean Dr. Lily said...

The frequency of your posts is trending downward at an alarming rate.

Maybe some pics of your boobies would pick things up a bit? Just a suggestion.