Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Only in a Soap Opera

Is it any surprise to anyone that Stafano Dimera is behind all of the deaths in Salem? How many times has this guy died and survived to try once again to bring down the Brady's, although this time he has really targeted everyone in Salem. Here are my thoughts about the show (by character):
Belle Black: ok - get rid of this new Belle (which I believe I read that another new Belle is starting soon). She shoud be with Shawn. And what the hell is she running around in the lingerie for in front of Phillip. She needs to drop the virginal act too. That isn't going to get her far in the future.
Brady Black: Duh! Wake up! Are you that blind that you can't see what a skank Nicole is. And forget about Chloe. Someone else will come along in Salem that you can hook up with.
John Black: You know -- this guy was trained by Stefano and has no real history of his own and now he thinks he's this ultimate hero and can fly his private jet off to save whatever person needs saving.
Marlena Black: Make up your mind woman! Which guy do you want? You can't have your cake & eat it too.
Bo Brady: Good for you Bo! You know Hope isn't dead. She never dies. I think she has died as many times as Stefano. But you ever hook up with Billy again and I'm going to kick your ass.
Caroline Brady: Gettin' it on with Victor. She is going to break poor Shawn's heart and give him another heart attack.
Hope Brady: Here I am to Save the day! She needs her own superhero uniform. She thinks she can do it all. Hasn't she realized by now that she will die or be kidnapped soon and will be separated from her family. I wonder if you look at the amount of time she is with her family compared to the time she is separated from them - you might find that she is away a lot more.
Roman Brady: Good for you for sticking by your feelings for Kate. It took him forever to move on from Marlena and now she is there trying to rekindle something. I don't think I like him with Kate. I just don't like Kate. She's not a nice person.
Sami Brady: You know - I like her villian character. And it's no wonder she's fucked up. She was the chunky one growing up and had this beautiful half-sister. She was bulimic. Her mother & father died how many times as she grew up. She's done some pretty rotten things, but she is really a product of her environment. Although, I wish she would give John a break. And she better get with Lucas, she will never find anyone else who will understand her.
Shawn Brady: Poor old man. That's really all I have to say on him.
Shawn-Dougls Brady: He needs to stop playing these games with Belle. I know he's locked up right now. But when he gets free, he needs to propose and get on with Belle. And when he finally gets with her, they better not make it look all magical & shit. But this is TV and I am sure her first time will be magical.
Abe Carver: You know. I liked his good-guy image. I hope he gets back to Lexie and they can be a family. The whole bury the hatchet thing that he & Brandon did was a little quick once they found out they were father/son. But he - the guy with the slow swimmers finally has a fmily with 2 kids.
Lexie Carver: I don't like that she is Stefano's daughter. And she is so hard up for a dad that she just embraced the fact that she is a Dimera. She needs to get a clue and realize that the Dimera's are bad people.

ok - I guess that is about half of the active characters. Some is here to do the repair on the siding. So, I better go check that out.


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