Friday, July 09, 2004

Cram It In Your Cramhole!

That's Right! Your cramhole! So now - "Let's play Dodgeball!"

Last night was movie night. Andy & I went & saw "Dodgeball" and it was fan-freaking-tastic. It's just the type of movie that my brother-in-law Jason would go watch and say all the quotes from. Actually, Andy wants to go watch it again just to hear all the great quotes. So, Steph & Jason - if you have not seen it yet, Go see it this weekend.

Here's the movie website:

So - if we have the time - I think I would like to see it again. I found it side-splitting. I don't know if it's because I'm relaxed and just having fun this summer or if after working with junior high boys all year (& living with one that acts like a junior high kid sometimes) that I started to pick up their humor - because watching someone get hit in the head or the balls was Hilarious!

I also went and saw "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban" last night as well. I went to that one by myself because it was late. The theater only had one showing late at night and with the new releases coming out today, I thought I better see it or I'll have to wait for it on video.

It was pretty good. Some people said it's scarier, and I could see how it would be if you had little kids that you were bringing to see it. But if you are an adult - Buck up!

The hardest part about watching the movie was that I read the book so long ago and I remembered what it was about in general, but the little details (like Harry blowing up his uncle's sister like a balloon) were forgotten until I saw the movie. I guess I wasn't that wowed by the special effects - seems that we've come to expect that amount of special effects. Now, "I, Robot" seems like it will have some cool special effects on it - but I am not sure if I can stomach another movie watching Will Smith save the world from something trying to detroy it or take it over. I wonder if you played a couple of his movies at the same time if you could sync them up some how so that the same dialogue is said at the same time. Will Smith is hot and all and if he were saving the world with his shirt off, well, then I would be there. But I have a feeling that he saves the world from robots and we all live another day until he finds some other disaster to save us from.

How about he could save us from the terrorists -- let's show a movie of him in the desert looking for Osama (I almost typed O'sama - likes he's Irish or something). Or how about he saves us form global warming -- I'd like to show him going door to door convincing people to recylce and reuse. Or better yet, how about him saving us from this current administration in our country - Will Smith for President!

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