Saturday, July 17, 2004

Shut your piehole!

We are at Andy's grandma's cabin. Yesterday, we had some friends come visit us and stay for the night. Before they came they noticed that in town there was a place that had a Friday night fish fry and karokee. Now, Kate loves karokee and how could we say no. She is the one who got me hooked on it. I haven't gone to sing karokee with anyone but Kate, so it maybe that we just enjoy doing it together. I put in my usual songs "Wide Open Spaces", which I sing myself and "Goddbye Earl" which I sing with Kate. (Yes, I am a Dixie Chicks fan.) But there is this jackass sitting there that must weigh close to 400 pounds, is missing most of his teeth (including the front ones) and is limpig around on what he says is sprained ankle that will probably collapse at any minute under his weight and as I am singing the opening lines of "Wide Open Spaces", which are basically questions, he is answering them out loud.
SHUT THE FUCK UP! is what I want to say to the guy. He's gets up to sing and sounds like an ostrich in heat (not that I have heard an ostrich in heat, but I imagine it sounds pretty awful). And he's one of theose karokee singers that sings the same songs ALL THE TIME and never looks at the screen and holds the microphone up and away from himself like is a real performer.
PLEASE LET ME HECKLE HIM. But I don't. He even makes comments to Kate when she sings. ALl I can fugure is the jackass is jealous of us -- probably because we can sing, don't weigh 400 pounds, and probably most of all because we have all of our teeth.
Kate & I do sing a song by Terri Clark that we never sang together before -- we need some practice on that one. And I got up and sang "I Will Survive" with a bunch of other girls that walked by and asked if I wanted to sing with them. I couldn't take myself seriously with them up there so I had to do a little dance up there as well and act out the song. I'm funy.

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