Thursday, July 29, 2004

Rumor Mill

Would someone just figure it out and  let us get on with our lives! What the hell am I talking about? My damn job!

I'm going - I'm not going - I'm going - I'm not going. Which is it? I can tell you what I want it to be, but that doesn't make it so. I'm thankful I have a job, but this tug-o-war shit is driving me batty. I think I need to start drinking more.

So, the latest scoop -- after I have told all my kids that I am leaving and they are trying really hard to look at the positive that they can work with me for 4 years in the high school rather than just one more year in the junior high -- I hear that the teacher at the high school I am supposed to work with has applied for a new job at different school district.

Now - if the teacher decides to leave, then the old therapist there can stay and I don't have to go there and I can keep my therapy position at the junior high. There is this whole personality conflict issue going on at the high school between the 3 staff working the DT program in the high school. So, their resolution to this was to keep the teacher and switch out the other 2, which is where I come in.

I have a perfectly good running DT program in the junior high and get along very well with my other 3 team members, and theythink one fucked up program is not enough and they need to fuck ours up to.

The therapist at the high school wanted to believe for a long time that this teacher would quit and she wouldn't have to move, but we hadn't heard anything like that. A lot of things go through that rumor mill in the school district, and some things are true, some things aren't true - but have some truth about them. So - which is it. Is he staying or going? I wish they would have just canned his ass rather that screwing with mine.

So - now that I have said my goodbyes to my kids and they have begun to make their peace with not doing therapy with me for the next year - what?!?! - I'm just gonna come back and be like "I'm just kidding. I'm not going anywhere."

What I want to tell them is that some people got their heads in their asses and don't really give a flying fuck about the emotional well-being of the kids or their employees.

You know - Bush has this whole No Child Left Behind crap - and people think it's all fine & dandy and helps these special education kids - but if people keep yanking our chains the kids are not going to get better and not going to want to come to school. Because kids are not going to learn from unhappy teachers and nobody is going to want to be a teacher when they grow up.

I meet with this teacher next week Wednesday and I am goingt o just come right and ask him - what the fuck chuck? So - are you coming or going, because I gotta know if I am coming or going.

Damn! I wish I had a fricken union to back me so that they couldn't jerk me around. The district is so afraid of the unions coming after them that those in a union are more protected. Fuckers!

Tomorrow I will probably hear something different, but this all just plain sucks.

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