Friday, July 09, 2004

Nice Little Town

Tonight Andy & I went to the neighboring town which was doing a Movie in the Park as a part of their 150th Year Celebration & a chance to show off their new bandshell in Central Park. They are doing 15 weeks of events this summer to celebrate. So, this whole event was free. It started out with an hour of Spontaneous Improv (a comedy troupe that was only funny half the time) and then some awards and then watching the movie "Angus". Now - I know this is an old movie that is almost a decade old, but it was filmed partly in this town. They even gave out free popcorn and pop.

It was nice to see that kids could run around (although after awhile all the little brats running around started to get on the nerves of us childless folks - because it seemed like everyone there had about 3 kids except us - but it was fine - we survived just fine). Here is a community that at least for the time being is still trying to relish in "old fashioned" fun and kids can still be kids. It neat. That's all I am saying.

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