Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Mosquito - Our State Bird

No – really. It is. People not from here think it is the Loon because they don’t know any better. But live here for a while and you will learn that the mosquito is most definitely the state bird. Ok – so it is an insect – but same difference.

Today, I went to Kate’s house and picked some raspberries and blackberries & have a little get together with some other people. We started picking berries and even though it was full sun, the mosquitoes were abundant and not very nice. Then came walking through the woods to find some blackberries.

Ok – so the woods was not so much fun since we had a HUGE rain storm early this morning and everything was still damp and the mosquitoes are continuing to inhabit the puddles. I think they have become immune to the mosquito sprays out there, or maybe they are all so desperate for blood that they will tough through the deet.

Although today, I decided to try this tropical scented spray in a pump. It did smell good, but has about 1/7 the amount of deet that there is in the citronella scented aerosol spray.

So, instead of sitting outside, we were in a 3-season porch away from the mosquitoes. It was nice, the company was good and the food was good.

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