Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Authentic Happiness

So - "Authentic Happiness" is the book I am reading. I was reading about the author in Psychology Today and decided to order the book. There is a whole series of questionnaires that go along with it, that are all best executed online ( http://www.authentichappiness.org ).

I am taking the quizzes in line with where I am in reading the book. It's kind of interesting, although I am not sure it is providing any big revelations about myself, but am finding ways to use it in my practice. I was using some of the principles of it with a girl I met today (guess we'll see how that works out.)

Although, as I type this up I can't help think about what other topics I wanted to blog about - which ironically are all fused with negative feelings (my thoughts on Christmas lists and people never being satisfied with what they have & always wanting more.) Maybe I should just be happy about being happy for a while and not go on a tyrade about something.

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