Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kerry Support

I saw thia ad on TV last night. It was for this website: . They presented an issue pertaining to college funding and demonstrate just how this website works -- which is to take this short survey picking which candidate you agree with most on that issue and then at the end they tell you who you picked the most and that is who you are supposed to vote for.

But after you do a few, you start to realize that probably every anwer is going to be Kerry as the best answer. I think it is a clever way to get young people to vote, by using technology. And if they are unsure of who to vote for, after they take this quiz it looks like you are a really big supporter of Kerry.

Now, no where on the site does it mention that they are supporting either candidate, let alone Kerry. But it's pretty obvious, and a very smart marketing move.


Meow said...

I don't like either candidate, but this is a biased questionare.
We are in a sad state of affairs because of the stupid people in this country. Babies having babies. Immigrants having their scores of babies fed and taken care of with Kid care and Public aid. There seems to be no man with cajones to say STOP IT! People who don't marry their children's father end up getting free grants for their kid's education, and the list goes on and on. People playing the system and the government's allowing it. We NEED to put a end to this assininity. It needs to be stopped. Manditory sterilization needs to be implemented. Fuck human rights. These breeders should be exempt from having any rights as they are what is making our economy shit. When we have a handle on population control maybe we'll have a chance in hell. These men are both useless!

Meow said...


& Your post on my blog had me FOFLOL. U R hilarious.

Cattiva said...

Disgusting marketing if you ask me. If you are going to offer me a site to COMPARE, at least treat me as if I have some intelligence and either declare yourself as a pro-candidate site or give me a true comparison.

Meow - Republicans have been criticised for trying to "stop it" for years. Perhaps the welfare state is not the answer? Most people don't realize that welfare (and the fraud that comes with it)is a result of post-Depression/post-WW2. We haven't always been a welfare state. The current system is way open for abuse. I am all for helping people who have no other option. What I am against is those who scam the system. I see them twice a month (when the money hits their cardinal accounts) with better cars than me, fancy cell phones, dripping in jewelry with 2 carts of groceries, while I try to feed my family on a STRICT budget that barely makes it...and we have 2 incomes.

Oops. Was that out loud?

Trudy said...

I agree, neither candidate seems the answer, but we can't go on with the administration that is in there now. It's a case of voting for the lesser of two evils, (or EVILDOERS) as Mr. Bush would say. Anyway, I got this info in a natural health email. Maybe they are less biased.
participate in non-partisan civic activities (see for more info); learn about the candidates ( has nonpartisan election information);

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Here's a website that allows non-Americans to post thier virtual vote so that people can see what the rest of the world thinks:

That should be interesting to see.