Thursday, October 21, 2004

Daytime Talk Shows

I am watching Montel right now - there are these adults on there that are talking about being held captive by a parent. Disgusting! I can't believe there are people out there like this.

This woman who was living in Saudi Arabia is talking about what it was like there and all these restrictions on women. It is infuriorating!

Ok – so now Maury is on and it is “Shocking Opposites in Love!” and right now there is this skinny 150-pound boy on there with his over 300 pound girlfriend. And she’s wearing this black bra and red vinyl mini. Yikes!
The next guy looks like an average guy (5’10) with Dockers & a denim shirt and then comes out Lacey who is this midget (4’0) (she very cute!) and she says she is a feature stripper.
I got to stop watching these daytime talk shows. I think I have a book I can be reading.

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