Saturday, October 16, 2004

Training the Dog to Shut Up! Help!

Ok - the hubby & I are sick of the dog always barking at night. If it needs food & water & is hungry, that is one thing - but when it barks in the middle of the night and is waking up the whole neighborhood because it is lonely - well, that is completly different. I am surpised that we have had no complaints, except our own.

We're considering using one of those collars to train the dog to shut it's piehole when we tell it to shut up. Our neighbor has one of those shock collars that it used on it's dog that we could borrow. He said it only take a couple shocks and the dog gets the point. I don't know if this hurts the dog though. I know as a kid I got shocked by the electric fence on the farm and that was all it took to make me be careful around them. I don't think I was ever shocked more than a couple times (because of my own clumsiness) - but I remember feeling very shook up for a while after that.

I've also seen those collars that send out some high pitch (that people can't hear, but annoy dogs). Do those really work? How do I know that it is really making a sound if I can't hear it. I'd hate to spend $50-$100 on something that might not work.

Let me know what you think.


Alison said...

I don't like the shocking collars. I think the high pitch ones are more humane. I'm not sure if they work. I can't have dogs at my apartment, but I have dogs at the parents' house. One of them only barks at other dogs. The other one goes on rampages where he barks for hours without stopping. And he doesn't really bark at anything...unless a snail, worm or leaf falling off a tree counts. He's just neurotic. The family decided a high-pitch collar would only make him more so.

Meow said...

Try investigating this product.
Someone I met at a bar bought it for his dog, but I don't know the outcome, cause he was a co-worker of my friend and I really don't ever see him.
Good luck, must be a BE-OTCH to not sleep soundly.
I have noisy human neighbors who drive me crazy, but it's not every night.
Other alternative, (as seen on my BLOG) buy it a robo-cat to keep it company. LOL (Hey, don't you have real cats for it to play with?)

Lame Shrill Owl said...

The dog is an outside one. It has an indoor (goes inside the garage) & outdoor kennel. She is a lab/shepard mix. We let her come inside sometimes to hangout, and she does play with one of the cats when she is in here. The cats are inside only.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Meow- The website you posted actually has cheaper prices than what I have seen other places. Thanks for the post.