Sunday, October 17, 2004

Food, fun, & alcohol

The title pretty much sums up our weekend.

Friday I was exhausted, so we just went out for some Mexican food (there are some really nice authentic Mexican restaurants in our area) and then came home and went to bed early.

Saturday, I helped to neighbors learn to find some info on the internet and then the hubby & I ran to Menards. After that we went to April & Jason's house warming party. They throw a nice party - good food & good company. After the party a group of us went to a haunted house & on a haunted hayride. Although, I am sure Andy did not have is much fun as I (or the others) as he was our DD. But after starting with wine, then a rum & coke, then shots of amaretto & apple pucker (separately) - I hit the hay and woke up with a slight headache. A tall glass of water, a multi-vitamin, and some eggs for breakfast seemed to do the trick and I was ready to go. For
some reason getting protein & a multi in me after a night of drinking is very helpful.

I was pretty much obnoxious to the people in costumes - actually it was not just me and not just our group either - but those things are not so much scary as they are amusing (especially when you are drinking.) Someone April is friends with was able to score us some free tickets for the haunted stuff, so that was nice.

Today - put up some Halloween decorations, Andy built shelves in the garage to put all our shit on, did house cleaning & laundry, and then made a shit load of food (3 small pans of lasagna {1 for tonight and 2 for the freezer} and chili, which will go on the slower cooker tomorrow while I am at work.)


Cattiva said...

Wow! Your weekends always make me tired ;) Sounds like fun! We managed yeard work, a soccer game and a party.

Alison said...

All I did was the stupid slow burn workout my boyfriend makes me do, read articles about movie and tv ratings, cultivation and violence, and watch multiple episodes of Alias.

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Man, that was a frustrating night. It's one thing to hang out with a bunch of drunkards at a bar or someone's house, but we were in a public, family place. I had to keep all of the retards in line for several hours. At one point I was wishing for a sheep dog and a cattle prod.


Being the sober one is never fun. I'll be if I was schnookered I would have been having a blast. Stupid stomach.

Now that I think about it, I'd like to get all pissed right now. Work would be more entertaining with a buzz.