Thursday, October 28, 2004

Guess I am not going to Russia

Check out this article.....

We can't drink on public transportation.....and not really in the streets (unless you are in New Orleans), but in parks? (what fun would sand volleyball if you couldn't bring something to drink) or stadiums (why else do you sit through 9 innings of baseball?) and what about the beer sale restrictions around universitities (they are just asking for people to have to drive further to get their beer - unless college students in Russia are different than in the US, but I doubt it.)

The good thing is that the fine is only 100 rubles, which is $3.33 - which is 4 times the price of the average bottle of beer.

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Cattiva said...

They say if you can't do the time... I could probably handle $3.33. I Completely agree! Why in the world would anyone actually sit through 9 innings without beer?