Thursday, October 21, 2004

That why in the US it is 9-1-1

Read the above article.

It makes sense that we have it be 9-1-1, rather that the Britain 9-9-9. I can just imagine how many calls they get from children just pressing down a number or pressing the same number over and over - and then you have your occasional romp that you keep your foot on the phone pressing the 9 button.

I wonder in Britain what number they typically dial to get an outside line when they are at a hotel or at work? Maybe they don't. Does anyone know? I've only had to dial 9. And I could see a problem with people calling my cell phone which starts with 99. Which would be 9-9-9 (plus the rest) if you were dialing an outside line.

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Meow said...

I've been in dozens of UK hotels and each hotel has a different number or two numbers to dial for outside lines. I recon it would be the same in office buildings depending on which phone system is installed and what the chosen code(s) for an outside line would be.
This is just a guess. I've only stayed in hotels and had to dial 51 or 0 or 11 or 6 for outside lines.