Thursday, October 21, 2004

Who is colder? Men? Women?

I had to look up this info after talking with Andy about this topic.

Apparently, the core temp of a woman is .4 degrees warmer than a man's. But the temp of a woman's hands .8 degrees colder than a man's.

Plus, a woman's menstrual cycle also lowers & raises her core temp.

And older woman (postmentrual) have lower temps than premenstrual woman.

So, guess it would be safe to say that a woman's body temperature changes more often than a man's and so we might notice a change in our body temp.

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Meow said...

I'm perpetually freezing. This whole summer, I didn't turn the A.C. on once. I am always freezing and my hands are always like ice. I heard about taking the Cayenne/Ginger capusles suppliment and I can feel the circulation in my fingers instantly as they tingle. But it's so short term. If you ever hear of something better, pass it on to ME-OW!