Thursday, October 21, 2004

Catkins! A diet for Larry possibly?

Checkout this article. It's Atkins for cats. Should I try this on my 16 pound Larry?

Although right now I started to buy one brand of catfood that fits what we need for him. It's Purina One Hairball & Overweight formula. I had not seen any other brand that combined both of those in one package. Until thenI was having to buy 2 different bags and mix them: one for overweight cats and one for hairballs.

I think I might just try the Purina One for a while. Both cats like it, so it works so far. They are kinda picky. They just better keep making it. Maybe I should send them a letter knowing how much I like serving this to my cats.

1 comment:

Cattiva said...

Atkins for cats? My dog would love to be on Adkins. She could do steak everyday.