Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

I am shutting off the porch light here very soon. It's almost 7pm, we started getting trick-or-treaters at 5pm. I think that is kind of late, but that is just what they do in our small town. I had 28 kids tonight, which I think is pretty good. Last year we weren't around of Halloween, the year before I think it was 22 and the year before that was around 18.

Friday evening our friends Kendra & Tim arrived. They were visiting us from Philly. That night we went to a specialty beer tasting (although we have some drinks & wine before we left) and then add the beer on top of that. I found a beer that I really like: Barkley's Honey Almond Light (kinda of a sissy beer) and Andy found a couple new ones he likes: Gluek's Light & Gluek's Honey Bock. After the beer tasting we came home for some hottubbing and sauna sitting & more drinks. We had a very good time that night.

Saturday we noticed a leak coming through the ceiling from one of our bathrooms, and of course we couldn't see the leak up there. We thought it might be the toilet and so Andy removed the toilet and found out that it was not sealed properly (Figures!) and water was leaking through and going in the mortar lines beneath the tile. Dammit! And of course where there is water for a while, there will be mold. So, we started removing tile (which would only come out if we smashed it). We removed tile until the mold stopped. We treated the floor and now we have 2 options - we can try to find tile that matches our bathroom or finish pulling our all of the tile and retile the entire floor.

BTW - we were thinking of replacing our toilet, I read that you can save money on water if you have one that uses less water, and I am sure our toilet has been in this house for probably at least 20 years. Does anyone know if there is something about the toilet itself that saves on water, or is it just the guts (you know, all the stuff inside you use to flush it with)?

We were just going to retile, but the tile that was not wet & did not have mold underneath it was just shattering into thousands of pieces.

I spent Satuday cooking pumpkin, baking sugar cookies, & making cider. The 4 of us went out for Mexican food and then came home and watched 2 movies: "Manhunter" and the original "Halloween".

Today, after a big breakfast, Tim & Kendra left for the airport (we had a great time with them and will miss them until we go visit them this summer). We watched football (well, actually I did not watch football, I sat on the couch with my laptop surfing for Christmas presents) and then I watched this Scooby-Doo Halloween cartoon, "Halloween 5" and now am watching "Scream 2".

And I don't think any more kids are coming, so the porch light is going off.

Total: 28


Lame Shrill Owl said...

5 moew just came, TOTAL: 33

Trudy said...

You sure kicked my butt. We had a big fat 0, as did Steph.

Cattiva said...

Specialty beer tasting? Yummy!!

You can save water with the toilet you have now. Just put some kind of weight in the tank (like a rock or something). It fills with less water.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Cattiva -
Thanks! I think I will go get those bricks hangin around behind the garage and put them in the toilets. I have 5 of them in the house (although only 2 of us live here). I guess we'll see how much money it helps save. Not sure it will be much, but every little bit helps.

Alison said...

Total count as of this morning: 0