Saturday, October 16, 2004

Oh, poor baby.

My mandatory work hours are 8am-3pm, the school hours. I do get a half hour for lunch, but it is ALWAYS a working lunch, so that is 7 hours of straight work. Plus, school starts @ 8am, so I need to be there at least 10-15 minutes early. So, now we are at 7.25 hours. My husband - as well as most everyone else I know - have no sympathy for my work hours since they work 8 hours (& sometime more) and I only work 7.25 hours and have most of my summer off.

My work week this past week was awful. I started out Monday with my 7:45-3, then had a meeting from 3-4, then parent conferences from 4-7:30. So, we roughly have a 12 hour day there. Tuesday wasn't much better as it was 7:45-3, plus 3-5 for a meeting bringing me to about a 10 hour day AND then I taught my evening class for the college which was about an hour & a half there. Wednesday, thankfully, was only a normal workday (but played volleyball that night). Thursday started off with a 7am meeting - Damn, I hate those early meetings! - and I got out of there @ 3pm and got some co-workers to go for a drink afterwards. And then yesterday I went in for a 7:30 meeting, but the person didn't show (That pisses me off when I make accomodations for people that are an inconvenience for me and they don't show) and then worked until 3, but then had to go to an appt. for a client after that. I didn't know how long this appt. would last, it all depended upon how cooperative they were and if hospitalization was necessary. I left there @ 6pm, making that a 10.5 hour day. I put in a total of 49 hours of work this week.

I know that most people have no sympathy for me, but my job is very emotionally and mentally draining and those were 49 very hard hours! I had a drink or 2, 3 out of the 5 work days. If I have many more weeks like this one I could be well on my way to becoming an alcoholic.

Luckily, the school has a fall break this coming Thursday & Friday, so I only have to work 3 days. I'll have all day Thursday to get stuff sone around the house, and then Friday we are taking off to the Amana Colonies for the weekend to go to their wineries & brewery & stay @ a B&B.

Those are going to be 2 very well-deserved days. I know Monday doesn't start out any less stressful, as we have some intense meetings scheduled for crisis planning on specific clients and another one on Tuesday.

I still think we need longer weekends. What needs to occur to make that happen? Somebody should get on that!


Alison said...

If you're a teacher, and anything like the teachers I know, your work day doesn't stop when you leave the school. You have to grade papers and come up with lesson plans while you're at home. I know my aunt works at least another 2 hours when she gets home.

I personally couldn't do that. I work overtime about 4 days a year and that's almost too much for me.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I am a mental health therapist - so I don't have grading to do, but I do give out different mental health tests that I need to score. I do teach a class for the community college, so for that I have tests and papers to correct.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

How come it says I have 2 comments, yet the one I just typed does not show up.