Saturday, October 02, 2004


Books, book, and more books. I am in this online bookclub (see Roundtable Confessional on the sidebar) and we read Red Meat Cures Cancer for that. I don't really recommend that book, but if you want to give it a shot I have it to borrow. I just finished reading The Botox Diaries. Now that was an entertaining book. You could kind of guess the ending, but were still not quite sure ift he author would take it a different way. And now I just starting reading Authentic Happiness, which is a book about positive psychology. I like to read books on differnt theories; I might learn something that I can use in my own practice.

And today, Andy & I went to this book store that is not so much a book store as it is an exchange club with a fee. It is this place called Eaton Bookstore, a privately owned place. There are some new books there, but most are used (I would say about 98% are used). You can buy the books (for the cover price or for the sale price if they are a group on sale) or do this credit thing. So, you can bring in your own books and trade them in for credit (you get 75% of the coverprice as credit) and that is applied towards your book purchase. The downside is that you might now find a specific book you are looking for and they don't have a lot of newly released stuff. But the concept of their store is kind of neat. Andy bought a couple of books (by Dean Koontz & John Grisham) and I got this one called Life 101: Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life In School -- But Didn't. It basically is a book that has a quote on one side and then the lesson on the next page. I counted 89 lessons (I would have thought they would be ironic and have 101 lessons.) But it should be a good book to use with my kids. The teacher I work with loves quotes and he has them hanging all over the place in the classroom. The basic idea for this book is a good one to use with my kids, because part of the main thing we are trying to help them learn is how to get along in life. So, I can see us using some of these lessons, as actual lessons in group therapy. So, there will be this small sub-group of people in the world that will have actually learned these things in school (novel concept - huh.)

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Alison said...

I love quote books. If you're ever looking for something ironic...try Oximoronica. The author's last name is Grothe. All of the quotes are oximorons.