Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Crest Whitestrips? Colgate Simply White?

Anyone ever try the Whitestrips? Did they work? They are kind of pricey (if they don't work very well), but certainly cheaper than what the dentist will do. Anyone know of any harm these may cause to your teeth?

What about Colgate Simply White? Anyone use that one? Which is better?


Kinky Phanie Gates said...

I used the Crest White Strips before I got married. They did work pretty well on my front teeth, but they don't reach the back teeth or fit on the side teeth very well, so the whitening of those teeth are minimal. Other draw backs, the stuff on the strips goo out and tastes disgusting. And finally, you need to know the sensitivity of your teeth. I would not recommend the Crest White Strips for this main fact. I didn't think I had sensitive teeth, because nothing ever bothered my teeth before. When I was using the Crest White strips, my teeth hurt so bad...not at first, but as the week went on. My teeth hurt all the time and hurt for about a week after I finished the applications. I used the two week kind...I think they have the one weeke kind now (so those might not be as bad).

My friend Amber used the Colgate Simply White that you brush on. I don't know what she thought about the whitening factor of them, but I remember her complaining that the stuff would just get washed away by her saliva. She would just keep her lips drawn away from her teeth, but she said it was still a pain and it seemed to always come off before the time was up.

Hope this helps some?!?!

Alison said...

I used the stuff you paint on and it always came off on its own. So my teeth never really got whiter. I know someone who used white strips and said they worked well for what they are. I don't know...the BEST thing is to go to your dentist, but it's expensive.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Well, we might try the white strips. Actually it is Andy that wants whiter teeth. His teeth are a little sensitive, so this might not work for him. I don't think my teeth are too discolored, what I really want is braces for my teeth -- but I don't want to have any teeth pulled to have to get them (one orthodontist consultation said that - maybe I will get a different opinion).

Alison said...

Unless you have huge teeth, I don't think you should have to have any pulled. But I'm not an ortho. Have you heard about the Invisiline braces? They make a series of molds from your both and it's more like a plastic retainer/guard than braces but does the same thing. The guards are removable, so you can take them off to clean them and what not. They're also clear. So you wear one for awhile and once your teeth have moved to that form, you get a new one, and so on until you're done.

I had regular braces in middle school and they weren't that bad, but my bottom teeth shifted when my wisdom teeth were coming in. If I'm every able to financially, I think I want to do this invisiline thing. My dental insurance is good, but for ortho work, I have to go to USC dental students. That doesn't bother me, but I don't think they do cutting edge work.