Friday, January 07, 2005

New Dress Choices

So - we have not decided on bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding yet (on July9th) and we really need to order the dresses in February. They are looking at David's Bridals now and have 3 choices (all basically cost the same.)

I don't think I like this one as the ribbon around the upper hips might make them look bigger and the last thing I want to do is look fat. I won't wear a dress that makes me look fat.

This one of the 3 choices is my fave. The dresses will be in lilac.

This would be my 2nd choice. I kindof like the tea length. And I might be able to wear this one again since it is tea length, so maybe this one would be better.

What do my blog readers think?


Mean Dr. Lily said...

Who cares about the dresses... that model is hot!

I like the last (red) on the best. It's a fiesta!

Alison said...

I like the first one on that model, but you're right that it could make normal people look fat. I like the red one but it looks clingy. I would like your fav if it was a little shorter. It also looks clingy. They're all pretty, but the one needs to be shorter, the other needs to ditch the I guess the red is my favorite. So complicated.