Monday, January 10, 2005

Weekend in Review

Here's the run-down:

Friday -- had some friends over for dinner (it was very yummy - apps: spinach balls {kinda like meatballs, but w/ spinach} & breaded cheee curds, salad, Tiliapia, surprise mashed potatoes {cauliflower made to be like mashed potatoes}, baked eggplant w/ tomato, mozzerella cheese, olive oil, & basil). And then we played some games of pool, had some drinks, and then played some Karaoke Revolution.

Saturday -- stayed home most of the day, but in the evening we ate at Applebee's & went to a movie "Meet the Fockers". It was a pretty funny movie.

Sunday -- obviously nothing except blogging, as I had 8 posts yesterday (did you read them?), and I did make a bunch of food (homemade lemon spongecake, homemade lentil soup, sushi rolls, & soaked and cooked some back beans to make pinto de gallo tonight -- a traditional Costa Rican beans & rice dish.)

And now it is Mondy and I am back at work.


Cootera said...

You know, you should post some of those recipes... in particular, the spinach balls and the eggplant... PLEASE? With sugar on top?

Lame Shrill Owl said...

It's there. There you go. Enjoy.

Mean Dr. Lily said...


It makes me want to punch someone in the throat.

Appetizer. Appetizer. Appetizer.