Saturday, January 22, 2005

Links Worth Taking a Look at

I was looking through my bookmarks and was organizing them and thought I had some links that others might be interested in. So, here's what I got:
Loan Calulators
Philadelphia Travel Guide (complete w/ discounts - Yea!)
Generous Travel Adventures (Buy a donated travel package and proceeds go to charity. FYI - package on there for rafting on Peshtigo River through Kosir's Rapid Rafts)
Online Calorie Counter (Also, tracks exercise too!)
Be In A Movie!
List of Businesses that Give you Free Stuff on your Birthday
Amusement Advantage (Secret Shopping @ an Amusement Park, although none currently in MN)
Mystery Shop Providers Association (great place to get started finding companies to secret shop for) (downloads w/ Realplayer for 49 cents a song)
Random Url (blog that links you to random things - kinda interesting)

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