Thursday, January 27, 2005

Plastic Surgery

Tonight I was watching this show on Discovery Health about Plastic Surgeries before and after and this one woman got a breast augmentation because 1) her breasts were different sizes and 2) they were very droppy. The doctor doing the consultation and surgery measured the droop in her breasts and said that they want the breast at about 22" (measuring from the collar bone to the nipple). This woman on the show was measuring 31". Wow! That's 9 additional inches of droop. That's crazy. Of course I had to measure mine and see where I was at. I'm fine.

I am starting to notice lines on my forehead more now. I am not sure if they have already been there. Not noticing any wrinkles, just the lines. But now I will watch if they get worse or are just there. I wouldn't be opposed to plastic surgery in the future if I felt I needed it, but that time is not right now.


Meow said...

There's always Restylane. And what a freak of nature to have tits so off kilter like that. Eeeep! I think I would fix the eyes if they drooped. But I'm not sure about anything else. My tits aren't big enough to ever droop anywhere anyway. LOL LOL Use Aveda Night nutrients or Calming nutrients to get rid of lines totally. If they're small enough or just forming you can erase them with this stuff if used everyday. My aunt sells it and used the stuff everyday for over a year and her lines disappeared totally and have stayed that way since "95. Freaky. I've used it for 10 years now since she told me this and I'm 46 with NOT ONE LINE OR WRINKLE either.

Mean Dr. Lily said...

I went to an Aveda salon to check the stuff out and they said that any of their products with tourmaline will helps to diminish lines and wrinkles. I have the eye stuff already and I like that (it feels like liquid silk).

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Yeah, that wasn't me that posted the above comment.


It was the Local Jew... she was using my computer, as hers it on the fritz.