Sunday, January 09, 2005

Rabid Ragdolls

I was searching the internet for my friend's band, Rabid Ragdolls. If you click on the photo page you can see some pictures of Jeni. Since she lives in Colorado & I in MN, I have never seen her band perform. Apparently their face is all painted -- and well, they look like rabid ragdolls. Jeni is the one with the tatoos (leopard print on her shoulders, flames coming up her chest).

I saw Jeni last a couple of years ago when she was in MN visiting. She's been pretty busy with her band and she also bought the bar, 15th Street Tavern, she had been working at & the band played at it.

I should go visit her for a long weekend, although I don't know if I could keep pace with her. I was never really able to keep pace. I am too much of a "8-hour of sleep a night" type of person.

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