Monday, January 17, 2005

No More Burnt Rice

So, several years back it was burnt eggs. Did you ever forget about your eggs boiling in the water only to have them burn and explode all over the place and create a smelly mess? You would think after someone does this once and completly freaks everyone out because they are not sure where the smoke came from and why their is this awful smell of burnt sulfur and they are pretty sure they are going to die from some toxic gas, that they would learn to watch their eggs. But not me! I must have blew up about 5 pans of eggs before Andy politely requested that my brother-in-law who had my name for xmas a few years ago buy me an electric egg cooker.

I absolutly love it. I can make hardboiled eggs and poached eggs and it will stop cooking when it's out of water and no longer are there exploding eggs in my house.

But there have been a few instances of burnt rice, the most recently being last week. It totally sucked and the smell was stuck in my hair and just hung in the air in the house for days. It took several scented candles to remove that smell. I have a microwave rice cooker, but it is always overflowing with water all over in the microwave. It's a pain and I don't like to deal with it. I finally broke down and bought an electric rice cooker. I made rice tonight and it is fan-freaking-tastic. The rice is even sticky like it is when you get Chinese take-out. Yeah. No more burnt rice and no more burnt eggs. I think those are the only things I have trouble burning, so now things should be just fine.


Alison said...

Sometimes when I'm stressed out I start cooking and forget about it too. I haven't done the egg thing, but my dad has. The pot also tried to explode it was left on so long.

Instead of the rice cooker, I use those instant rice boil in bag things. They work pretty well, but nothing beats the sticky Chinese restaurant quality of a rice cooker.

Cattiva said...

You know, this could really work to your advantage. Try burning up the vacuum to see if Andy gets you a maid :)

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Nope, that doesn't work. The average lifespan of a vacuum in our house is about 8 months. I just buy a new one :)