Sunday, January 16, 2005

Friggin' Freezin'

Ok - I wanna move. I just don't like this cold. If starting over wasn't such a pain in the ass I would move tomorrow. The below zero stuff is supposed to end on Tuesday, but is being followed by freezing rain.

So, Friday night we went to Andy's work holiday party. We opted to not stay at the hotel because of the below freezing temperatures and we did not want to make the dog stay outside in that. Freaking dog ruined everything. Although, we did have a good time. It's great having him work for a big technology retailer, because they can throw nice shindigs andgive away A LOT of stuff. All employees got $10 gift cards, choice of a DVD (on the table) and choice of technology accessory on the table, plus door prizes. Andy's name was one of the first ones chosen, so he got his pick early (which was a KLH speaker system worth about $350 - I think). He was pretty excited about that and set them up. The subwoofer on this set is so much better than our other one.

Saturday we sat inside all day and watched movies on cable. I am not sure I can remember all the movies we watched. Also did some more cooking, made this strawberry bread (kinda tastes like a strawberry angel food bread) and shrimp gumbo, and then spaghetti & a homemade meat sauce.

Today we did manage to get out of the house to run to Papa Murphy's to pick up a pizza. I spent about 2.5 hours rearranging the cupboards in the kitchen, watched some more movies (including "Mean Girls" - which was the DVD I had Andy pic out from the party), and Andy watched the Vikings get their asses handed to them (I just listened to him yelling at the TV - A LOT!)

And now I still have 2 days off of work - one for the holiday (MLK day) and one is a staff development day, but since I am contract I don't really have to go, so I am not.


Cattiva said...

Ooooo...strawberry bread. Sounds interesting. How about the recipe? Pretty please?

And how is that 8 week plan thing going? I've been following you (not actually doing it - just living through you and it's making ME feel better :) - I'm wondering if you've noticed a difference?

The ventings of a Woman said...

Definatly away. Its easier to get at and when it runs out.. well... i suppose thats all then isnt it?

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Ventings -- Not sure if I did something to my brain while clean with all sorts of products today, but I am not quite sure what your comment was about......Help.

Cattiva -- Sure, I can post the strawberry bread recipe. As for the 8-week plan, well so far it has not been too hard because I did most of that already (the supplements, eating fish, etc.) now having fish twice a week and one meal with soy instead of meat will be a little more of a challenge. So, I haven't noticed much except that I do pay attention to my breath more now. I usually breathe pretty shallow and now I am trying to teach myself to take deeper breaths. The news fast is a little difficult. I never realized how much I use the news (watching it and reading it).