Monday, January 24, 2005

Week 4 of the 8-week plan

Soemthing have been easy to do, others a little more challenging, and other things I have already been doing.

So, as before, add this to what you have already been doing:
* Eat more garlic
* Increse walking to 25 minutes
* Contact someone with a healing (healed) experience
* Get an Air filter (at least one for the bedroom)
* Check out your bedroom & mattress and make sure there is no disturbances and you can sleep comfortably

Last week I was not able to get in the 5 times walking. I only did my walking 3 times and did yoga once. I have no excuse worthy of typing why I did not complete the rest.

I have been liking buying fresh flowers. Today I bought a pot with pink tulips in them. The potted plant cost as much as the cut flowers and they are just beautiful. Almost makes me forget about all that snow outside.

I've been trying to cut back on the exposure to news, as it does seem like everytime you see a commercial for a news program they are telling you about how your children (or yourself) are all going to die and you better tune in to find out what you can do to prevent that. I can do without all that.

And I didn't really replace meat twice a meat with soy products, I just started adding them in, like soy milk, black soy beans, mix some tofu in the scrambled eggs, etc. Although I have really started to watch the portion sizes of the meat I am serving and keeping them to reasonable portion sizes (3-4 oz.)

I did notice that when I didn't take my vitamins this morning (& waited to this afternoon) that my energy was zapped and the flowers to make me feel nice.

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Alison said...

I should start doing the flower thing. I do the vitamin thing now and notice when I skip a day I'm definitely more lethargic.